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We're Closing Our Doors After Six Decades

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Dear Friends,

After over 60 years in the industrial electrical business, ROMAC is winding down our business, and closing our doors. Six decades is a good run for anyone, but now it’s time for us to go out on a high note. All good things must come to an end, and ROMAC has been a really good thing for many people in the industry.

We want to thank all of our customers, associates, vendors, service providers and friends for the great times we’ve all enjoyed together. ROMAC has always been about family. Just look at all of the businesses we have spawned. And over the decades, we have had the honor to work with so many wonderful people who became a part of that family. We will miss all of you tremendously.

During our wind-down process, ROMAC will still be selling off new and used gear on an as-is basis. Sometime in September of this year, we will host an auction to liquidate anything and everything that remains.

PCI or Power Controls, Inc is the product center for all of our new product manufactured by us. We build switchboards, MV Switchgear, Enclosures, Breaker Mounting Hardware, Manual Transfer Switches and Maintenance Bypass Cabinets. We would entertain offers for all PCI product designs, templates, engineering and perhaps even manufacturing equipment.

If you are interested in participating in the liquidation or the auction, Click the link below to be added to the Liquidation Auction Mailing List. You will receive email updates regarding the exact day and time of the auction and any pertinent instructions.

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Industrial and Commercial Electrical Equipment for Over 60 years.

A Trusted Source For Electrical Equipment

Since 1958 ROMAC Supply has been electrical professionals' trusted source for quality industrial and commercial electrical equipment. Located in Commerce, California, we serve the electrical equipment needs of electricians, electrical contractors, dealers, distributors, and facility maintenance personnel Nationwide. ROMAC provides low and medium voltage electrical equipment to industrial facilities, commercial facilities, municipalities, campuses, amusement parks, and everywhere where electrical power needs to be safely distributed and controlled. Our customers come to us because we have the products, service, and experience they need to get their projects done right.

Decades of Electrical Equipment Experience

ROMAC's 60+ years in the industrial electrical industry equates to an organization filled with professionals who know the electrical product they manufacture, service, upgrade and sell like the back of their hand. You can count on our knowledgeable sales and technical staff to find the electrical equipment solutions you need to keep the power flowing.

A Pioneer in Electrical Equipmrnt Reconditioning

ROMAC is one of the pioneers of modern electrical equipment reconditioning. A charter member of the PEARL (Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League) organization, ROMAC is THE premier provider of electrical equipment reconditioning, retrofitting, and retrofilling in the nation. ROMAC adheres to the rigorous testing and refurbishing standards dictated by The ANSI/PEARL Reconditioning standard for electrical equipment, components, and apparatus for reuse in commercial and industrial applications (EERS 2018).

The Electrical Equipment We Stock, Source, and Manufacture

The Types of Electrical Equipment We Deal In

ROMAC Supply stocks and sources low and medium voltage molded case circuit breakers, insulated case circuit breakers, air circuit breakers, fuses, panel boards, switchboards, metal-enclosed switchgear, metal-clad switchgear, safety switches, automatic and manual transfer switches, load interrupter switches, transformers, motors, motor control devices, contactors, motor starters, components, and more.

Finding the Equipment That You Need

Finding the electrical equipment that you need has never been easier. ROMAC's entire inside sales staff is available Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, and we offer emergency service 24/7. You can reach our sales office or emergency line by calling 1-800-777-6622 or by emailing getquote@romacsupply.com. Alternately, you can use our inventory search tool to query our electrical equipment database of products or take a look at the thousands of products we have for immediate purchase at breaker.com--ROMAC's online electrical equipment store. We also have over 1000 products available on our eBay store.

New Electrical Equipment

Any of our factory-new equipment will include a manufacturer's warranty. New electrical equipment has never been in service. We stock a variety of new MCCBs (molded case circuit breakers), circuit breaker accessories, and mounting hardware, transformers, switches, and switchboards. ROMAC's PCI product group manufactures new metal-enclosed and metal-clad switchgear--see the PCI website. ROMAC is a GE and ABB distributor, and our sales staff can help you configure circuit breakers and panelboards to meet your needs. We can source new Hammond and MGM transformers for any application.

Surplus Electrical Equipment

We stock thousands of pieces of unused surplus electrical equipment. Our surplus products have never been put into service and are essentially new product that is either obsolete or no longer under a manufacturer's warranty. Some surplus electrical equipment will show signs of wear from storage--depending on how long it has been on the shelf. Surplus equipment is an ideal solution for replacing hard to find, long lead time, or obsolete circuit breakers, transformers, motors, control components, and other critical gear.

Reconditioned Electrical Equipment

Reconditioning is the process of returning electrical equipment to a safe and reliable operating condition based upon the original manufacturer's design. ROMAC Supply follows ANSI EERS (Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Standard)--as established by PEARL (Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League). This includes procedures to test, inspect, disassemble, and recondition. After reconditioning, subassemblies can be reinstalled in a cleaned and often repainted enclosure or frame--this includes the addition of any upgrades or options to improve the apparatus's performance. The Assembly of the reconditioned components and subassemblies is followed by final inspection and testing. As with all testing, inspection, and reconditioning operations, final inspection and test results are recorded onto the valuation and test forms included with the standard. Like surplus electrical equipment, reconditioned equipment is a good option when you need a replacement for hard to find, long lead time, or obsolete gear