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Your Trusted Source For Industrial Electrical

Established in 1958, ROMAC Supply has an enormous stock of new, used, surplus and reconditioned circuit breakers, transformers, switchgear, motor controls, variable frequency drives, motors, fuses, and more. We're much more than a simple supply house; we have dedicated reconditioning, design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing departments that take on the most challenging projects and equipment. Our experts can remanufacture, recondition, or repair whatever equipment you need to service, or help you to find unsupported and legacy equipment that you need to keep the power flowing.

New Equipment Every Day!

At ROMAC Electrical Power Equipment, we're continually receiving truckloads of new, used, surplus, and unused surplus gear. Whatever you need, we're likely to have it. Call us now to find out how we can help you today.

ROMAC Supply Warehouse and Flatbed Truck

A truckload of surplus equipment being delivered to the ROMAC Supply facility.


Our 100,000 Square Foot Facility

ROMAC Electrical Power Equipment is located just southeast of Downtown Los Angeles, in the City of Commerce, California. Our 100,000 square foot facility houses our extensive inventory, factory floor, engineering department, and customer service center. We ship products all over the world, but, if you're nearby, we offer pick up and walk-in service Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

ROMAC Supply warehouse on the map.

An areal view of ROMAC Supply in Commerce, California.


Serious About Service

At ROMAC, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We have technical and customer service staff available 24 hours a day to handle any equipment emergency. Highly trained engineers, knowledgeable sales associates, and experienced technicians are ready to exceed your expectations. You can sit back and relax, knowing that the best people are behind every piece of equipment you buy from us.

The ROMAC Supply library and customer service lobby.

ROMAC's customer service center sports a collection of historical and rare electrical pulbications and equipment.


The History of ROMAC

ROMAC Supply Company, Inc was founded in 1958 by Phillip Rosenfield; the name is a conjunction of Rosenfield and Machinery.

Born in 1924 - Founder Phillip Rosenfield, a child of the depression era, by the time he is 10, shows a knack for repairing broken equipment—including broken bicycles he found in the scrap yard.

1940– Phil—now 16 years old, left high school in 10th grade—joins the Merchant Marines at 17 to help the war effort (and to stay out of trouble). Because of his natural mechanical ability and strong work ethic he is promoted several times. He ultimately achieves the rank of second engineering mate—quite an accomplishment for a young person with little formal education.

1945 – After leaving the service, Phil moves to California and finds work as a draftsman in an engineering firm. He also starts a family with his new wife Lulu with whom he will spend the next 65 years and father five children. /p>

1947 – Phil begins working for a scrap metal dealership in Los Angeles. His natural desire to better his family, and his entrepreneurial spirit, lead him to found his own company—Scrap Meal Services—that will eventually become ROMAC Supply. With his ability to fix broken equipment, Phil sees a gold mine in much of the scrap equipment he is dealing with. He begins keeping his eye out for equipment that is repairable, reusable, or still functional. Remanufacturing and repairing soon become the more lucrative side of the business, and the new focus prompts the new company name, ROMAC Supply Company.

1963 – Phil buys his first industrial property to house his growing company. ROMAC quickly outgrows this and then another larger property. By 1974 ROMAC has moved to the 100,00 square foot facility in Commerce, CA where it still resides.

1966 – ROMAC begins building new equipment—machines such as hydraulic presses—in addition to continuing its thriving trade in used parts and equipment.

1970 – Phil’s second son, Steven, joins ROMAC.

1973 – Third son, David Rosenfield, joins ROMAC.

1974 – Phil becomes a co-founder and partner of, MGM Transformer Company.

1975 – Fourth son, Richard Joins ROMAC.

Phillip Rosenfield, founder of ROMAC, as a youth.
Phillip Rosenfield, founder of ROMAC, Merchant Marines.
Phil Rosenfield, founder of ROMAC, Merchant Marines portrait.
ROMAC technician reconditioning a piece of electrical equipment.

1975 – Phil partners with a switchboard and switchgear builder, and founds Power Controls Inc—known today as PCI. PCI’s first UL file was granted in 1977. The company currently holds ten different UL listings for low and medium voltage equipment.

1976 - Sees the loss of both Steven and then Richard in separate incidents separated by nine months.

1977 – Phil’s Oldest son, Jim Rosenfield, joins the company and begins working his way through various departments, eventually become Vice President.

1978 – The small electrical empire gained further traction with a Phoenix, AZ partnership that forms ROMAC Motor and Control.

1978 – PCI is relocated to a different site nearby but no longer sharing spaces with ROMAC or MGM Transformer. That same year, PCI applied and tested sample equipment to become the first manufacturer to have a UL Listing for Medium Voltage Load Interrupter Switches and Switchgear. No other manufacturer had any 3rd party test lab listing on this class of equipment.

1979- David’s future wife, Angie, joins ROMAC

1982 – Phil’s fifth child and only daughter, Lisa, joins ROMAC.


ROMAC's Power Controls Inc. Product Group in the late 1970s.
ROMAC's Power Controls Inc. Product Group in the late 1970s.

1989 — Reagan Administration grants Veteran Status to many thousands of men who served on merchant ships during years 1941-1945.



1990 - Phillip Rosenfield serves an integral role in work to restore the SS Lane Victory—a mothballed Merchant Marine ship. Phil provides electrical equipment, shore power equipment and even a greeting building for tourists wishing to come on board the Lane. The Rosenfield family all participate in the work to restore the historic ship. In recognition of their efforts, particularly with the electrical equipment resources they provided, the names of Phillip and David Rosenfield were lettered in gold onto the Electricians Mates door of the ship.

ROMAC's founder Phil on the SS Lane Victory.

1992 – Son David takes the reins as President of ROMAC and PCI.

1996 – David Rosenfield—Phil’s son—establishes a trade organization specific to the reconditioning of electrical equipment. PEARL (Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League) addresses the safety and reliability of reconditioned electrical products by establishing standards and procedures. Many of the country’s electrical equipment dealers join up making reconditioned electrical equipment a much safer option than ever before. PEARL continues to lead electrical reconditioning to this day and has published its first ANSI Standard (EERS 2018) reconditioning requirement for electrical products.

2008 - ROMAC answers the need for circuit breaker mounting hardware by establishing the HRC (Hardware Resource company), which now boasts some 80 different hardware kit and accessory designs. The HRC division also develops the EZ Can line of unique general-purpose and circuit breaker enclosures for indoor and outdoor applications.

2009 - David’s sons, Steven and Joshua join ROMAC starting the 3rd generation of Rosenfields to work in the family business

2010 – ROMAC acquires Power Technologies, a small customer electrical manufacturer of private labeled Computer Maintenance Bypass Cabinets. ROMAC PCI takes over the production of the MBCs and provides them to some of the largest electrical OEMs in the world.

Today - ROMAC has expanded to become ROMAC Electrical Power Equipment with three distinct divisions-- ROMAC Supply, PCI, and HRC--that provide and manufacture a wide variety of industrial electrical equipment to industry.


A collage of ROMAC's Products.

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